Composer & Violinist


Out today "Mare Tranquillitatis"
2022 June 17

The track "Mare Tranquillitatis" is out now as part of the compilation "String Layers Vol. II"



Live at Superbooth 22
2022 May 13

Watch Francesca's performance for Moog Music at Superbooth 22.


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Out today "Muqataea - Reworks"
2022 April 26

The album "Muqataea - Reworks" is out today; the album collects several reworks by international artists like Robot Koch, Julien Marchal, Hélène Vogelsinger and many more of the tracks of "Muqataea.



"Muqataea - Reworks" review by Rockit
2022 April 26

"Muqataea - Reworks" review by Rockit is out today


Arandel Hysope © Gol3m.jpg

Out today "Hysope - Francesca Guccione Rework"
2022 March 18

The rework of "Hysope" by Francesca is out today. "Hysope" is a beautiful track by the French composer Arandel, inspired by the music of J.S. Bach.



PAUSE - L'Èmission Musicale interview 
2021 November 1

Francesca's video interview for PAUSE - L'Èmission Musicale is out today.


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Out today "The Next Millennia of Sa Tanca Manna"
2021 October 29

Today Francesca and River Camille (aka David Shoults) released “The Next Millennia of Sa Tanca Manna” under the collective Soundscape Architects! 

Sa Tanca Manna is a thousand-year-old tree in Sardinia, which was almost completely destroyed by fierce fires this past summer; more and more often, incredible landscapes and precious forests are devastated by these tragic events. 

This track is meant to be a message of hope for the future and an invitation to respect our home. 



Out today "Rebirth (Remix)"
2021 September 21

The remix of "Rebirth" by Francesca is out today. "Rebirth" is a beautiful track by the French composer Hélène Vogelsinger



Rhodium Magazine interview 
2021 September 8

Francesca's interview for Rhodium Magazine is out today



"Muqataea" review by
2021 July 19

"Muqataea" review by Massimo Privitera of is out today



"Muqataea" review by Rockit
2021 July 12

"Muqataea" review by Rockit is out today



"Muqataea" review by Totoromoon
2021 July 7

"Muqataea" review by Totoromoon  is out today



Fifteen Questions interview 
2021 June 21

Francesca's interview for Fifteen Questions is out today



Digital in Berlin interview 
2021 June 1

Francesca's interview for Digital in Berlin is out today


francesca Guccione - Muqataea - COVER 3000x3000.jpg

Out today "Muqataea"
2021 May 7

Francesca's first album, "Muqataea" is out today. 


"Muqataea, which means county in Arabic, is my personal journey to rediscover my hometown, Modica, observed with the eyes of the imagination; a city that was just a county for several centuries.

In fact, the record describes a day spent in this imaginary place that takes life from the places of my land, in a horizon where if lost it confines between reality to the imagination. To carry out this work, I was inspired by the morphological characteristics of the territory, the labyrinthine streets, the late Baroque architecture and the most fantastic world of Sicilian folklore, giving space to has what figures like "il Pircanti" and "la Majara" that inhabit still today the folk tales of the island.

From a musical point of view, in addition to the minimalist structure of the strings and the piano, the electronic background is made up of various synths and various elaborate audio samples that capture the dialectal idiom of my province. Dialect that constitutes the soundscape in which I live daily and the sound house that is dearest to me."



"Muqataea" track premiere by Headphone Commute
2021 April 30

"Muqataea" track premiere by Headphone Commute is out today


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